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If you have an online business, you know that the main challenge is to get potential buyers on your site.

You can pay corporations to run ads which costs a lot of money. You can also optimise for search engines which takes a lot of time. There is a better way.

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Instead of paying a lot of money to big corporations or optimising for search engines which takes a long time, there is a better way to grow your business.

It is tapping into the power of the people recommending your business to their audience.

It is the best type of traffic since the people already trust the affiliate - the person or website that send them to your site.

It is proven and it works. In our case, we focus only Muslim related products and services. This is what we call Muslim Affiliate Network.


If you have a business, you sign up as an advertiser. You create your offer and decide % to share from each sale.

If you have an affiliate - a Muslim with a following on social media or a website with a decent monthly traffic, you sign up as an affiliate and choose an offer.

Affiliate sends traffic to the advertisers website. Advertiser gets a sale. Revenue is shared.

As a network we make sure each click and sale is tracked. We also manually check each offer. We take a small % from each sale.


Power to The People! Instead of big corporations or search engines, we believe in empowering the people.

Besides, we know that the word of mouth - recommendations and referrals are the best source of traffic for your business.

While this business model is very successful for the mass market, there is no single platform for Muslim Market yet.

This is why we are creating Muslim Affiliate Network. Join us in this movement to empower the Ummah by Ummah!

Dear Muslim Advertiser

You have a product or service to Muslim consumers online.

But it has not been easy for you so far. You had mainly two options to grow your business.

Option 1 was paid ads. It requires a lot of money upfront and it may or may not work. You also need someone to manage your ads.

Option 2 was SEO or direct traffic. It takes a long time.

Now you have Option 3. There are Muslims with followers and websites who are willing to recommend your product or service to their audience. You pay only when you sell.

How does it sound? Hard to believe? Give it a try.

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Dear Muslim Affiliate

You have a following on social media or you have a popular website where your audience are mainly Muslims.

You know that the most challenging part is to monetise your audience.

Let us help you. You focus on what you love most. Create more awesome content for your followers and attract more visitors to your website.

We will find you the best deals for you to promote to your audience without compromising your deen.

You will get a 10% to 40% share from each sale by your link.

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How Does It Work For An Advertiser?

Sign Up

You sign up. We setup the tracking code so you and affiliates can see the sales stats.

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Create Offer

We help you create your offer. You decide % you are going to share from each sale.

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Share Revenue

Now sit back and relax. You will see sales coming. You share % from each sale.

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How Does It Work For An Affiliate?

Sign Up

You sign up as an affiliate. On your dashboard you can see the sales stats live.

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Choose Offer

Choose offers based on your interest or offer rotator can select the best for you.

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Promote & Earn

Share the offer with your audience or place it on your site. Sell and earn.

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